Photo Booth Features


Our photo booths are equipped with the latest high specification Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras.

We have optimised our software to make full use of the cameras capabilities and developed a creative lighting system that results in our photo booths delivering stunning image quality and beautiful HD video recordings.


Our touchscreen interface will be pre-configured with your chosen options and is simplicity itself to use allowing your guests to concentrate on taking those hilarious photos.

Simply select your options on screen, position yourself in the live view, countdown, look at the Camera and “STRIKE YOUR POSE!!”.

Next choose one of our fabulous colour,  b & w or sepia image filters and seconds later your pictures will be waiting for you outside the photo booth.


Record HD video messages live from the booth.

Our software allows video recordings to be taken directly from our DSLR cameras resulting in much better quality footage than other booths that use a webcam ! We also have the famous Slo-Mo option to have a laugh with friends & family as your video plays back in slow motion.


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Have you ever wanted to go to Hollywood? Maybe you’d love to be back on the beach at your favourite holiday destination? Wherever you’d rather be we can make it happen and you won’t even have to leave the party. Our booths now offer 3D Immersive Green Screen Technology which allows you to have anything you like in the background, from your favorite city anywhere in the world to outer space, or just about anywhere you can think of.


Do you love getting up on stage and singing all your favourite songs? Well our booths allow you to do just that. Step inside and choose your favourite song and the booth will do the rest, at the end of the night the booth will have recorded all of the videos and creates a mashup of all the best bit for you to enjoy.


As well as having the biggest prop selection you could imagine, our booths offer facial recognition software, which means although we love all the fun props that we bring to our events we can also do a lot of impressive things without them!


This is great for corporate events allowing you to collect data and opinions. You can use the software to create questionnaires, collecting contact details and information from those interested in your company and your products. The data can then be downloaded to Microsoft Excel for easy analysis.